Midnight Rose Eqyestrian LLC

Healing and Instruction for horses and humans in Citra Florida

"Maria Lacasse truly has a gift. In an overview, I have been working with Maria as my horse trainer for almost 3 years. Maria has great personal and horse skills. She has the ability to “read minds” and speak for those can’t speak for themselves. She does not comprise her integrity and puts the horse(s) first. Maria is a firm believer in approaching the equine/equestrian relationship with a holistic view. Through our time together, she has helped me keep myself centered on what is most important, the basic skills of horsemanship.

My thoroughbred, Herfy, has the typical OTTB issues. Due to his size (almost 18 hands), he isn’t always the most coordinated dressage prospect. Maria and I have worked together to figure out the best approach to getting Herfy to become his best self. Herfy has natural “floaty” gaits and a canter that is smoother than a child’s rocking horse. Herfy can do a smooth canter to walk transition without missing a stride. Even with all these natural abilities, Herfy is still as uncoordinated as a toddler at times. We both attribute this to his size and being “locked up” in the chest and hips.

Maria has assisted in teaching me some of the horse yoga basics as taught by April Battle in her online videos. In addition, Maria recently spent a week with Herfy doing a holistic boot camp complete with training rides, lounging, lots of lineament, and bodywork. After I came back from my trip and hopped on, Herfy was night and day difference. I came back to a calmer, more flexible, and well rounded horse. He carried himself properly for longer periods of time without as many aids. We did two full circles around the arena at a perfect rocking horse canter. It was the best ride we’ve ever had together. Maria truly has a gift with horses. She and her magic hands, mind, and holistic approach make the perfect combination to take any duo to the next level."

~Kathryn Vigil 

"My gelding has been with me for about 3 years now. When I acquired him, I knew he had "sticky" stifles & saw that he struggled to keep himself balanced & moving properly. I would often joke that he would do the "Phoebe run" - you know the one where Phoebe from Friends goes running in the park arms and legs flailing everywhere. We have been taking lessons consistently since the very beginning of our partnership and they have helped both he & I in many ways, but his Phoebe run always more or less remained.

When we added the body work from Maria, I really started to notice him becoming more easily balanced. He also seemed to stay balanced for longer during our dressage rides. He more often would pick up the correct lead when asked to canter (this had been a long standing struggle as well) and transitioned more seamlessly. Maria has also helped me get better in tune with him. I pay more attention to making sure his body is feeling good than I used to. I don't think I gave it much thought before, but after seeing the improvement in his balance, I realize what a difference it can make. After all, my body feels better after a massage and chiropractic work, so why should his body be any different? I'm very thankful to Maria for helping him feel and move better as well as educating me!"

~Whitney Walker

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