Midnight Rose Equestrian

Equinspired Motivational Coaching

Welcome to Midnight Rose Equinspired Motivational Coaching Center. My program has been redesigned to motivate and help you and your horse reach your Equine Goals. 

Your first session is spent evaluating both you and your horse. Notes are taken about your goals, your horses strengths and weaknesses, I work with you through this time giving you feed back and exercises. After the lesson I take your information and draw up a plan of attack to give you direction in order to help you meet your goals. I then bring this information with me to share with you at your next session and we continue each week to build and make your dreams a reality,

Students are encouraged to text or email me with any questions or concerns they come up with during the week for feedback.

I am experienced with teaching both English and western events, be it gaming, jumping, performance, trail, etc.

Rates are as follows:

$25 a half hour long private session for lesson taught at Johnson's South Sound Equestrian Center ($10 haul in not included to be paid to the barn)

$45 an hour private session for lessons taught at Johnson's South Sound Equestrian Center ($10 haul not included to be paid to the barn)

$55 a session for lessons at your facility (within 30 mins of Tenino)

Sessions typically last a minimum of 1 hour. Contact for farther rates

$35 for my online lesson programs, perfect for those who live a distance away or who don't have a trailer. Contact for more info about my


Contact us today to book your first lesson or to learn more!

Feel free to check us out on instagram or facebook @equinspired where we post updates and daily motivational quotes.