Midnight Rose Equestrian LLC

Healing for Horses and Humans in Citra Florida

Riding Instruction

Midnight Rose Equestrian LLC offers riding instruction for all levels of rider with Maria LaCasse. 

Our program's goal is to create a great partnership between horse and rider based on good communication, trust, and the harmony of biomechanics between horse and rider. 

Maria has had a long career riding problem/difficult horses which has given her tools to help her riders work through issues in a safe and effective way. She specializes in helping people gain confidence, achieve their goals, release insecurities of both horse and rider, and give riders tools that they can use for years to come.

Maria works with people of all disciplines using horsemanship fundamentals, classical dressage foundation, and unique trouble shooting to help horses and riders perform at their best. She builds a program from the ground up for each individual partnership and would love to help you with your riding goals. 

Contact today to talk about how we can help you achieve your riding goals and feel free to check out our 

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$50 per 45 minute private session