Midnight Rose Sport Horses
Midnight Rose Sport Horses
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Here at Midnight Rose Sport Horses our philosophy is to help horses and their owners achieve a strong partnership to reach their full potential and fulfill personal goals be it for pleasure or in the competitive field.

I work with both horse and owner throughout the training process to ensure that after the horse leaves, you will both have a successful partnership.
Training or tune ups is dependent on your needs and we can work with your horse in the following areas:
~Ground Work (natural horsemanship)
~Communication, respect, and trust
~Western riding
~Round work and collection concentrating on softness and balance
~Trailer Loading
~And so much more!

$600 per month for full time training including full care board.
$40 per hour for individual sessions
Contact for partial training prices

Full time Training and Board package includes:
~Horse being trained 5 days a week minimum
~Training plan customized to each horse
~Training logs available with before and after pictures
~Horse worked in a variety of settings
~Minimum of 2 lessons with trainer
~Body work with Equisports Massager as needed
~Quality Hay fed twice a day (Orchard, local, or alfalfa when available)
~Clean fresh water available 24/7
~Private 10x10 stall with rubber mats
~Stalls cleaned and bedded daily
~Turn out in private run 12 hrs a day
~Your supplements fed twice a day
~Your blankets/fly spray changed and applied as needed
Facilities available:
~180' x 75' outdoor sand arena
~90' x 60' indoor arena access nearby for rainy days
~50' sand round pen
~10' x 10' private stalls with runs
~Nearby trails
~Jump paddock
~Much more
We are a small private farm with trainer living on site to monitor your horse.

Contact me if you have any questions about our training program and tell us how we can meet your needs.

Past Training Horses:

Current Facilities in Tenino:

Sunset on the Farm
Covered Arena Access
Outdoor Arena
50' Sand Round Pen
Front of Barn
Stalls with Runs
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