Midnight Rose Equestrian


Maria Lacasse founded Midnight Rose Sport Horses back in 2010 to help horses and riders find harmony. She grew up in a non-horsey family but her passion for horses led her to the purchase of a gangly 3 year old thoroughbred at the age of 17. He taught her patience, determination, and perseverance. Through the help of a natural horsemanship trainer turned him into a willing partner and all around horse.

After high school her continued passion for horses and training led her to a Kyrewood Equestrian center in New Zealand where she graduated with a NZQA certificate in Sport Horse stable practices. She learned about stable management, horse care, and schooled horses in Show Jumping, and Dressage along with occasional cross country lessons.

She then came back to the US and began helping people with their own horses in both western and English disciplines. She has experience competing in competitive western drill competition, cow work, trails, dressage, jumping, problem horses and even worked as a veterinary technician before she left for New Zealand. 

She still strives to further her education and continues to take lessons with top FEI trainers in the area. Her ultimate goal is to work her way up the levels in dressage and eventually gain her USDF medals.